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C1X Coastal Scull



Edon Coastal C1X Single Scull - Only $4299

The first and currently only single scull specifically designed for World Rowing Beach Sprint racing. Probably the fastest and certainly the most robust Coastal C1x single scull available the EDON C1X Coastal Scull with its unique construction material and innovative design is the ideal boat for racing in challenging coastal and beach sprint races. It is the perfect boat for competitive rowers, adventure seekers and coastal rowing enthusiasts.

The Edon C1X coastal scull meets all World Rowing coastal racing requirements and includes an inspection hatch with waterproof compartment for valuables. The Edon C1X coastal sculling boat has been designed to work well in both forms of coastal rowing competition, specifically designed for beach sprint racing but also probably the fastest boat available for the more conventional round the buoy racing.

Examples of the innovative design is the C1X coastal sculls long keel incorporated into the scull construction making it ideal for beach landings and turning quickly around bouys and the polyethylene construction making the boat almost indistructable in the worst of conditions. The long keel is in contrast to the traditional skeg (fin) which can be easily broken. The keel gives great directional tracking making it unnecessary to have a skeg. The polyethylene construction means you can hit the beach or hit a turning buoy without any concern about hull damage.

Our C1X coastal rowing scull is also the most affordable boat of it's class available.

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Length, Weight and Width:

World Rowing coastal regulations for C1X single sculls require that each boat be:

Maximum of 6m in length

Minimum of 0.75m in width

Minimum weight 35Kg

The Edon C1X meets all of these requirements and all other World Rowing Coastal single scull reuqirements


Safety and Durability

Unsinkable and incredibly strong and durable.

Seat and Carry Handles

The seat is constructed in fully moulded polyethylene and uses double action wheels on anodised aluminium rails for durability. Double action wheels will not seize up like bearing wheels in the harsh salt and sand conditions. Three plastic carry handles are incorporated on the decks to enable easy carrying of the coastal rowing single scull. A non-slip tread plate is incorporated in the seat well.


The coastal rowing single scull is fitted with a unique wing rigger which utilises standard scull oars. The rigger is easily detachable for transport and storage using the patented quick-release cam system. This means the rowing single scull can be rigged and de-rigged in seconds.

Construction Material

The Edon C1X coastal rowing single scull is constructed in polyethylene foam sandwiched between two layers of solid polyethylene making it not only virtually indestructible and unsinkable, but also stiff and light. The polyethylene foam is closed cell, making it completely waterproof and perfect for boat construction.

Stacking system

Our unique polyethylene stacking cradles are provided with each coastal single scull. The cradles allow up to 7 sculls to be stacked vertically on each other without any outside support.


At only $4299 each our sculls are very cost-effective because of the polyethylene construction making them a more affordable option at about half the price of a fragile fiberglass / carbon fiber coastal scull.


Design Advantages

Bulbous Bow

A bulbous bow is a protruding, bulb-shaped structure located at the front (bow) of the scull, just below the waterline. It offers several benefits, including:

Reduced Wave Resistance

The primary advantage of a bulbous bow is the reduction of wave-making resistance. The bulb modifies the bow wave pattern and reduces the formation of waves, resulting in reduced drag. This allows the boat to move through the water more efficiently and increasing speed.

Improved Seakeeping

The bulbous bow can enhance the sea keeping capabilities, particularly in rough sea conditions. It helps to dampen pitching and rolling motions, making the scull more stable and comfortable.

Enhanced Maneuverability

A bulbous bow can improve the maneuverability of a boat as it helps to maintain a straight course.

Reduced Slamming and Green Water

The bulbous bow can help reduce slamming, which is the impact of the bow hitting waves. The bulb modifies the flow of water around the bow, reducing the severity of impacts and minimizing the chance of green water coming over the bow.

Beach Landings

For beach sprint racing the bulbous bow greatly improves the landing on sandy beaches as it skims over the top of the sand, instead of digging in like all sharp bowed coastal sculls.

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