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Magik oarlocks

Take the slack out of your power train with Magik oarlocks

This innovative oarlock system design incorporates a ‘tension arm’ mechanism within the gate that holds the oar sleeve tight against the pin. This enables a better grip on the water, no slop in the oarlock, faster engagement on entry and a cleaner more accurate square / feather movement. 

  • performance – More control = Faster boat
  • connection – the oar engages quicker and you feel the connection faster
  • recovery – easy square and feather with three tensions of elastic band to suit individual preference
  • support – The oarlock holds the oar sleeve firmly against the pin
  • no slippage – At the catch the oar enters the water and immediately engages
  • racing starts - Better control, immediate response, no slack in the powertrain 
  • Uses Standard Oarlock inserts - Most standard oar lock inserts work with Magik oarlocks

Precision Magik Oarlocks for all sliding seat rowing shells

For more information please click here Magik Oarlocks Information                                                    banner5.gif